Good-looking and Practical Juice Shops can Attract Customers more

Have you recently had the idea of ​​opening a juice shop? But don’t know how to decorate a shop? In front of a juice kiosk, none of this is a problem. The juice kiosk is practical and hassle-free. And it is a good choice for those who want to open a store.juice


This juice kiosk is black and red, which combine to give people a visual impact of color. On the left side of the kiosk is a shelf for drinks, which is convenient for customers to choose by themselves. The back cabinet with fruit-patterned paint, reflecting that the owner uses the freshest fruit to make delicious juice. We use artificial stone for the countertops of the cabinets. The surface of artificial stone is smooth and not easy to fade. With the texture of natural stone, the decoration is very good. In addition, the appearance has no voids, low water absorption, anti-fouling and dirt resistance. It is more convenient to clean. As we all know, the juice store will have a lot of moisture. So the use of artificial stone can effectively avoid the cabinet from being damaged. The artificial stone is rich in color. And you can customize the cabinet table top to your liking.juice
We also use acrylic to make the logo, and you can customize color and shape. At the same time, We  use acrylic to make light boxes. It makes your products brighter and more visible, and the display effect is better.juice

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