When enter into a retail jewelry shop, we can see the decoration and color at the first time. A unique decoration can attracts more clients.  Therefore, you should pay more attention to the jewelry store decoration and choose high quality display showcase to represent jewelry in a good way. It’s better to make a plan first, so that you can arrange the space in advance. And place the display showcaser, retail counters in a good location. Today, I want to share a golden jewelry store plan for your reference. When you have new design ideas, we can make a new one to meet your demands.

Customized jewelry shop with glass display counter

As we can see in the pucure. It is a jewelry shop in mall, and the size is about 40 square meters. In the front side, there are two sets jewelry in two side of sales windows. As for a retail shop, sales window place an important role.  It can attracts people going by and can show the hot sale or beautiful products you sell. There is a single display counter in the middle. You can place new arrived jewelry here. In the three sides, are long jewelry glass showcases with seats. So people can seat here to choose their favorite products. While the small single stands can place valueable or special jewelry products. You should also choose bright light in the whole shop furniture, which can makes your shop stand out. Do you like this decoration?

Jerwelry store decoration

More information

The main material is Stainless steel, plywood, solid wood, tempered glass, acrylic illuminate logo, light box, etc. Evry kiosk from Unique Furniture has locked cabinets, which can protect the goods from stollen. If you have a clear floor plan. You can feel free to send us, we will give you a good price and production directly. So you can get the jewelry kiosk you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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