This is a donut kiosk designed for GGP shopping mall in the United States. Donuts are very common in our lives and are very popular with children. So this also leaves an opportunity for some businesses to start a business.
The size of this donut kiosk is 4*3 meters. The material used is fireproof board, and the surface layer is laminated board. Because GGP malls have strict requirements, there are many points to pay attention to. For example, the materials must be fireproof. So our base material will choose flame retardant board. The surface is fireproof board. The whole design contains the shape of light box, logo, light strip and donut.

Attractive Donut Kiosk

If you want to do a good food kiosk. What a important is that we need a good design. Once you have a good design, you will have the perfect finish kiosk. If you have a unique kiosk, then will attract more customer to buy your product. After that, you can increase your sales volume and obtain the profit.


Design is very important for each kiosk. The 3D design will show all of your needs like color, logo, your layout for the kiosk. Then you can see whether the layout suit for you. One  more thing, the mall also need the 3d design and construction drawings to check. If you got it, it is necessary for you to do the 3d design.

You can see the whole kiosk design, we do some modification and make the kiosk meet the mall standard. Only meet the standard, the mall will allow you to put the kiosk. What things you need to know? You need have own logo, its necessary for you. Because the mall manager will check you own logo.


The Structure

you can see the kiosk is a square. Because the GGP mall does not allow the round corner. So the basic material is fire retardant, the surface we need use the laminate. For the food counter, we need to use the artificial stone. Front of the donut display counter install the logo and the donut image. when you connect the wire, you can see the glowing logo. There also have the light strip, the surface is yellow acrylic. Back of the kiosk, there are wood color laminate. the whole kiosk install the two tower to display the light boxes and the logo. In order to make the doughnut booth more attractive, we add the artificial grass on the side of the kiosk.



How Can I Assemble?

Before we ship it, we will install the light strip, logo, light box and the sink. Because of the shipping, we will divide it into several parts according to the construction drawings. When you receive the kiosk, you just put them together, and connect the wires. Food kiosk can work successfully.

When Will We Receive the Kiosk?

Firstly, you need to do the 3d design, 3d design will take 3-5 working days. But you also need to consider the mall audit time. In general, reserve  10-15 days to do it.

Second, the production time will take about 22-25 working days. the production process include the wood cabinet, the do the laminate, installation, and pack the kiosk.

Third, shipping time depends on the which country you located, which port is near to you. For instance, if you located in New York Port, it will take about one month.

How do I Pay?

You can pay by the bank transfer, western union, and credit card. Payment term is 50% deposit + 50% balance.

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