Fast food outdoor booth customize street food kiosk design

To start a fast food business, you can open a shop in the shopping mall or outdoor both are okay. You need to find a location first and test the market. If you are looking for a fast food kiosk for outdoor, on our website you can find out many ideas.

Today we want to introduce a fast food outdoor booth customize street food kiosk design to you. Let us check the details for it and hope you can get some idea from us for an outdoor fast food kiosk.



This is a fast food outdoor kiosk can for you sell many kinds of foods. The color is yellow color, red color and white color. On the top we add a lighted 3d acrylic logo, each customer has their own brand logo. Inside the outdoor food kiosk has an air conditioner, equipment machine and water sink. On the countertop, you can put equipment machine like the coffee machine, blender, and so on.

Before we start the design of the outdoor fast food kiosk, you can send us your idea about the equipment list, your logo, the size and everything you want to show on the 3d design. We will make it on the 3d design for you to check the effect.



Because the outdoor kiosk needs to resist the hard weather, the material we have to use is very hard and strong materials. The basic material we will use are metal frame and plywood. And for the surface finish, we will use aluminum plastic panel or we can make it baking paint.

The floor of the outdoor kiosk we can use PVC flooring or stainless steel flooring. For the countertop of the outdoor food kiosk, we can use stone material or stainless steel countertop is better. Different material the price is also different. So before we quote the exact price to you, we will confirm with you for the details.

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