Fast Food Design New Design Macaron Kiosk for Sale

Macaron kioskDo you like macaron kiosks for business? Macaron is a popular sweet food in the world because of its good-looking and sweet taste. It’s a good idea to open a macaron kiosk in the shopping mall to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice macaron kiosk design with you.

Information of macaron kiosk

This macaron kiosk has the size of 3m by 2m with roof decoration. You can attach brand signs on both the back and front sides so that clients can know your brand well and can also leave a deep impression. The macaron kiosk is used in the shopping mall has unique styles. we use high-quality MDF materials to build the kiosk, you can even add unique models to make it lovely and vivid.

Macaron booth Details information

We can see the front side has display showcases at the kiosk body, they decorate with round shape and lighting. It makes your kiosk attractive. You can also serve clients here and pass the food to clients.

While we can see the side has a large brand letter with background stickers. I am sure it’s a good idea to express your company culture, brand image, and warm service to your clients. You can also add countertop light, and even floor light at the bottom to make your kiosk outstanding

Macaron booth Entrance and flooring

The entrance is set at back, only workers can enter the kiosk. Near it also has a luminous logo. If you need an advertising area, we can also attach lighting boxes, posters and even TV screens here.

This food kiosk has flooring, that is not only to protect mall flooring but also makes your kiosk looks like a whole.

If you have any new ideas about kiosk decoration, just contact us here. I am glad to help you customize mall kiosks.

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