Large and Useful Salad Kiosk Fast Food Shop with Seats

food kiosk

Fast food kiosks become popular in the shopping center. It’s good to sell all kinds of food and drinks. That can help you gain more clients and sales. Today, I want to share a unique food kiosk with you.

Introduction of food kiosk

This food kiosk includes a working area, service area, and dining table with chairs. It looks like an open food store in the mall. The main color of the kiosk is gray with wood finishes. There are green plants at the lease line that separate your location and also make your booth interesting.

bubble tea kioskWorking area

The working area has all kinds of equipment for work. You can send us a machine list so that we can leave enough space. Except for the machine, the water sink is necessary for the food kiosk. We can see there are lightbox paintings attached to the wall. So that clients can attract by the posters. You can also add your brand logo to the kiosk to impress your clients.

Service counter

We can see the front side mainly to provide services to clients. It has topping counters for salad. Glass display showcases for pick-up items. Here is a cashier counter near the entrance, people can order their meals here. The cashier counter has grass decoration, that matches the whole shop theme. The brand logo is also set in the middle of the service counter, which makes people remember you better.

smoothie kioskSeat area

There are dining tables with chairs in front of the center as if the food store lobby. You can also set a bar counter along with bar chairs in the middle. That allows more clients to sit down.


This food kiosk has a wood floor. No matter what color of the floor you need, we can help you achieve it.

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