Fast food booth snack juice smoothies kiosk in Canada

Do you want to make a food kiosk to start a food business? Our company can offer a customize food kiosk design for you. Meanwhile, you can check on our website for some food kiosk designs for reference. We will guide you on how to start a food business, hope it can give you some help.



This is a food kiosk that can use to sell many kinds of foods. For example, snacks, juice, smoothies, bubble tea, ice cream and so on. It has the logo on the top and on the kiosk with some lighted box.

The left side is a round shape bar counter for the customer to sit and have food here.

We can make the kiosk with some menu and price list for the customer convenient to order the foods.



For the first step to start a food business, we suggest to make a customized 3d design. We can make a new food kiosk design with your logo and your mall location size.

You can send us the size and the pictures of the equipment machines. Then we can put them on the 3d food kiosk design.

For a customized 3d food kiosk design will charge a 3oo$ design deposit. But any revised service is for free. We can change the design according to your idea.



We will assemble a whole food kiosk in our factory. It includes all the logo, lighted box, wires and sockets. So that the customer can use the food kiosk directly when they receive it.

When the customer receives the packages of the food kiosk, just needs to open all of them and connect them together.

Please connect the male and female connector together and connect the main wire to your local mall power supply then it will work.

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