Customize food stall shopping mall coconut juice kiosk

Coconut is a tropical crop’s growth, is a very sweet fruit. Coconut water is a pure natural plant juice, it is different from the general fruit juice is squeezed out by a juicer. Long-term drinking coconut water skin is good, coconut juice to detoxify skin effect has very good help. So many women like to drink coconut juice.

For you to start a business, you can make a small coconut juice kiosk. Today we want to introduce a customize coconut juice kiosk design to you. Hope it can fit your need also.



The size of this coconut juice kiosk is about 3 x 2 m and we accept any customized sizes. On the front side are the cashier counter and the design with the logo.

It has a tempered glass guard on the front so that to separate the staff from the guests. You can put the equipment machine on the countertop as you need.



For the material of the food kiosk, we usually use plywood with laminate. Also can use another material, MDF with baking paint.

But the countertop we need to use waterproof material. We can use man-made stone or quartz stone.

We will install the wires and sockets for you and all the lights, logo, glass and accessories.



Because each customer has their different requirement and their location size is also different. Usually, the first step is to make a customize kiosk design.

We will make a new juice kiosk for you in 3D Max and send it to you. You can check it and get back to us your comments.

Our design team will review your comments and change the 3d design for you. Finally, we will make the construction drawing for you after confirm the final 3d juice kiosk design.


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