Fashion watch display counter luxury retail watch kiosk design

Although everyone has a cell phone now, still have many people wear the watch. The watch is a high-end product and it can use as a tool to check the time or as an accessory. To start a watch business can open a watch kiosk or a watch shop.

Here we share some ideas on how to start a watch business. This is a fashion watch display counter luxury retail watch kiosk design, let us have a look together.



For a watch kiosk design, the most important part is the display area of it. The display area of a watch kiosk needs to make it to let the customer see your watch clearly and choose what they want. It has the glass display cabinet for this watch kiosk.

Inside is the step display for the watch. On the top of the glass cover, we can add the led strip light to light up the watch. Then it is the cashier counter and the back wall has the wall display showcase. And, the cashier counter of the watch kiosk not need too big, a small one for one staff to work is enough. The back wall display showcase has the lighted box and the lighted logo on the top.



To start a watch kiosk business, need to make a customized watch kiosk design first. For a customized 3d design of the watch kiosk, we usually charge a 300USD design deposit.

And then our designer will start to make the 3d model with your requirement, the size, the color, the logo all customize to your need. You can send the watch kiosk design to the shopping mall for approval. If need any changes, we can do it for you.

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