Fashion style candy shop display cabinet 3D store design

Nice to meet you here on our website. Our company is the customize store display furniture manufacturer. We specialize in the commercial furniture industry. And also we can make a full 3d shop design for you to see the effect. If you are looking for the direct factory for the customize store cabinets, you are in the right place!

Do you know if you want to open a candy shop, what is the step and the process? In this post, we will guide you some tips for the preparation of the candy store. Meanwhile, we will give you some suggestions for the candy store display showcase and shop design ideas.


Some tips for the preparation of a candy shop

The first and the most important thing to get a start for the candy shop is the budget. Because doing the business has the risk. Not everyone can earn the money and we need capital turnover in the early stage. So before you decide to doing a business, you must prepare the enough budget.


For a candy shop, what are the things you need to spend money on? 

Candy shop rent

You need to find a good place for your candy shop. Because if you open in a place nobody come then you have no profit. So you need to find a location is good for your business. You can according to your need and budget to search some choices.

After you find a good location of your candy store, you need to communicate with the landlord for the rent. If the landlord accept, you can rent a short term first. Usually, this is a big cost of a candy shop.


Candy shop interior decoration

Because when you get the shop, it is usually empty. And maybe before it is for other business, so you need to redo the store interior decoration. You can check the interior design of this candy shop for reference.

We can see from the left side 3d design of the interior design is bright. The flooring is the smooth tiles, the ceiling has the ceiling lights with Led strip lights around. In the middle, it has a tree with the display showcase which add some vitality.


 Candy shop display furniture

While you making the interior design of the candy shop, you need to buy the furniture also. From our company, you can get the interior design and the candy store furniture design. We will make a 3d design include the shop interior design and put the furniture inside. Let us have a look on this candy shop display furniture first.

The whole shop is white wall with the red color & white color display cabinets. Let the customers feel clean and comfortable. On the back wall of the candy store, it has the round shape display showcase. And on every shelves of the showcase all have the warm white Led strip lights.


Wall display cabinet

Some wall high display cabinet we add the logo on the top. And the wall decoration we design is red color strip with the 3d lighted log on the middle. On the front of the wall high cabinets, there are some middle island stands.

Middle island stand

We can see the pics of the two display stands with red strip design. This two display showcase not only has the red strip design, but also has the lighted box on both sides. The shelves is the glass display shelves and the whole cabinet is like a boat. Meanwhile, near the boat display stand, it is a bigger display showcase with the acrylic candy boxes.

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