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Coffee, As one of the world’s three major beverages, it is the main beverage popular in the world along with cocoa and tea. more and more people can not live without coffee. We need coffee to wake up our brains in the morning. We need coffee to keep our brain active when we work overtime. sometimes we make an appointment with the client to talk about business in a coffee house. The people can not live without coffee. And more and more like to open the coffee house as an investment. Today let us talk about how to open a fashion coffee store.  

How to open a coffee house

Firstly, Site selection is important. You don’t need to open it where the coffee bar concentrated. You can choose some pedestrian streets. There are all kinds of stores on the pedestrian street, and the coffee shop can be their “rest” after shopping.

  Secondly, the size of the coffee shop usually around 80 square meters. There are 2 to 3 employees in the store. The drinks offered are still mainly coffee, in addition to a small number of desserts and pizza.  

Thirdly, The light decoration in a coffee shop is important. The coffee shop is a very atmosphere conscious place. Good lighting design will create a good atmosphere and make the people enjoying it.  


the introduce of the coffee house

here is the coffee house we design. it does not satisfy the tips I mentioned above but also the decoration style is elegant and beautiful. Two glass display cabinet inlaid on the coffee bar. These cabinet we sell dessert, pizza, ice cream or other sweet food. The price lists are on the wall. There is a cupboard in the middle of the price list. And another wall we can design the cupboard on it. We can place a few potted flowers and other antique ornaments on the cupboard. Chandelier, Sofas make the coffee store looks high-end.     coffee house coffee house coffee house


  If you like this style of coffee house we designed, or you have a floor plan that we want to make it by your thoughts. please contact us. we customize the new style for you.  


contact information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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