High-end coffee bar counter design used for shopping center

Coffee is one of those drinks that a lot of people can’t do without. A lot of the people starts their day with coffee. Especially American people and Europe people.After lunch one cup of coffee, when feel tired,one cup of coffee. But why? What’s so loveable about coffee?why people love coffee so much?The main reason is because it can helps keep your body awake.And it can help you feel better and relaxed when very tired.Then of course coffee also very yummy and different tastes.More and more coffee shops are opening recent years.Coffee becomes the most popular drink in the world.Recent years, instead of opening a big coffee shop, many people will choose to rent a space at mall to do just a coffee bar counter to sell coffee and drinks.

well,how do get a nice coffee bar counter design is not easy. So many coffee bar counter, why people choose you?You have to make your coffee bar counter looks unique and attractive.

Today I want to share you a high-end Retro Style coffee kiosk.let’s see it together:

this coffee kiosk area size is 4m by 2.5m.You can see it is a very vintage style.Light grey Cement board match nature wood color,add black marble countertop,whole kiosk looks very high-end and nice.The back wall comes with unique design wall shelves and led lights, this kind design very functional also very creative.Then left is a big menu, right is logo.

Here are some detailed info

1.size:4m by 3m
2.color:black, light wood, light gery
3.materials:black marble, light solid wood,Cement board
4.accessories:sink,3D metal logo, menu board,led lights

Do you like this coffee counter design?

It is just a model for your ref. If you also want to customize your own kiosk, just feel free contact us. we have strong design team here, can help you design the coffee bar as your needs for you see.

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