Fashion cosmetic shop interior decoration makeup display cabinet

Many girls love to buy cosmetic products to become beautiful. This is why the cosmetics industry is developing better and better. And many people start the cosmetic business. What we need to make attention is the advantages of low cost and high sales of cosmetics. But the annoying thing is how to open a cosmetic store and the process.

If you are searching for some ideas for the cosmetic shop design, we can give you some good suggestions. Now let us check a fashion cosmetic shop interior decoration makeup display cabinet design.



The layout of this fashion style cosmetic shop has a cashier area, display area and makeup area.

Makeup area

On the left side of the cosmetic shop is a makeup area with a mirror station. This is one of the important parts of the cosmetic store. Because this makeup area can let the customer sit and try on the cosmetic products, increase their desire to buy.

Display area

On the right side of the cosmetic shop is the display area for the cosmetic products.

They are the wall display cabinet against the wall, the top has the lighted box, the middle is the mirror and display rack, and the bottom is the storage drawers.

On the bottom of the cosmetic shop wall display showcase, we add the white led strip light.

Cashier area

No matter what shop you want to open, a cashier area is necessary. At the end of this cosmetic shop has a cashier counter with white lighted acrylic and a 3d lighted logo on the front. The back of the cashier counter is a wall with a lighted logo and a lighted box. On the countertop of the cosmetic store cashier desk, you can put some hot sale products.

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