Black color modern style cosmetic shop furniture makeup display stand

Cosmetic products are always a hot sale product for the girls and women. We found that many people start a cosmetic business. A cosmetic store or a cosmetic kiosk can help you to start a cosmetic business. But we know that starting a business is not easy, especially for people who have just started.

Our company is a professional company that can help you to start a business. You can find some business ideas on how to open a cosmetic shop. The most important is we can make a cosmetic shop for you to start the business.



Now let us start with a black color modern style cosmetic shop furniture makeup display stand design first. The layout of this modern style cosmetic store is almost for the display area. On the front side, it has a small cashier counter on the right with white color and black color. Some small display stands and a mirror station.

On the back side, there are the wall display cabinets against the wall of the cosmetic store. They are the wooden display shelf with a storage cabinet on the bottom. On the top of them, all have a lighted box that can put the logo or poster. The material is MDF with baking paint.



We can offer you some designs of the cosmetic shop then you can check for reference. Because the shop size of the different customers is different, their logo and requirement also different. We usually need to make a customized 3d design for a cosmetic shop.

For a customize 3d shop design we will charge a 500-1000USD design deposit. Please feel free to send us your shop size or floor plan then we can start.

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