Fashion Cell Phone Kiosk Indurable Mobile Repair Stand For Sale

Nowdays,everyone has smart phone,even has more than two.  It is a consumables,but have to one. Because we can not      communicate with friends,family,college,etc without it. However,did you meet any sitution like our phone broken and other problem. That is a after service about it. Repair industry goes more and more popular,belongs to service industry. So whether you will open phone shop or a repair shop of electronics. You always can get your satisfied showcase display for your sale from our company.

phone kiosk

Cell phone detail description

We have done many customized kiosk for our customers. Let us look at this phone kiosk. The whole appearance is mainly decorate with white and purple,simple but inclusive,is wide used in the market. It has several display couter,cabinet,cashier counter and drawer for storage.  Each display has adopt tempered glass showcase,you can put some mobile and mobile phone shell. When people walk near your kiosk,they can notice your product rapidly. So that the probability of buying will be high. On the front side,there is eye-catching 3D acrylic lighted logo,can show your brand culture clearly.We reserved enough space for your machine. You need to tell me about your machine list.We design your cabinet.

phone kioskMaterial and Service

The MDF is the base material,finish is baking paint,this one is white painting. As for the counertop,half  material is  corian,another is transparent tempered glass,which makes cabinet top looks more smooth and easy to clean up. Glass is convenient for you and customer to see the products.

All of our kiosk is 3D design and construction drawing,we have design service and shipment service. For the design sevice,we charge 300$ design deposit,but return to you after you place an order. Almost all customer can accept it and we have assurance for it.For the shipment ,we can help you save money than ship by yourself,because we have long term cooperative shipping and transportation company.

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