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Everyone need skin care, good skin make us  look more beautiful. How we can do to maintain good skin condition?Beside reasonable diet,eat more vegetables containing vitamin A ,C, E. Another things we shoud do is that use the skin care product.The way women make themselves beautiful is reflected in skin care. Of course, skin care products are also essential.The research shows that almost everyone has ever buy the skin care product. Why the skin is so important to them ?   Firstly, Someone is born with poor skin,rough skin, dark, sensitive skin, spots on the skin,Etc. all these skin problem make them look ugly althought they have delicate face features. So skin care products can resolve or improve these problems.   Secondly, Eating too much irritation food, endocrine disorders, environmental changes and other reasons may cause skin deterioration. And modern people understake life pressure. They always work overnight, so it lead to poor skin problems. Or the radiation caused by long-term use of electronic products, there may be long-term exposure to the sun, no timely sun protection, no complete makeup removal after makeup, etc.  

here is the skin care products shop we recently design

this shop is about 80 square meters,the shape is retangle. There is huge light box posters ads the wall at the entrance  of the shop.And the shop name is in the middle on the top. when we enter the shop, you can see that the cash counter is at innermost side. Behind the cash counter, you can see that a signboard. this signboard look like green painting. the shop name is in the middle of the signboard. The wood display counter lean against  the both wall , and the  display rack also can be put in the middle aisle.these skin care product counter we can make diffenent shape like table shape, shelf shape  jewelry showcase shape, etc. The package including: display counter,logo, light box.
skin care shop skin care shop skin care shop

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