Hello, i will introduce Eye wear Display Retail Stand in Retail Store with Modern Design to you today. With the rise of electronic products, many people already wear glasses. Now optical shop also sell many kinds of glasses. Like myopic glasses, anti-blue glasses, sunglasses and so on, these are sold in the store. When you are ready to open an optician shop, remember to decorate your own shop. Because good decoration will attract more customers. So we need to consider the eyewear display retail stand shape and layout.

Sunglasses Display in Retail Store

If you want to open the sunglasses  store, we will help you produce the optical shop furniture according to your needs. When you open the optical store, you need to pay more attention the profit. So you need to find a good place to sell the eyewear. Because good shop location will obtain more human traffic, the step is really more important.

Second, we need to do the 3d design firstly. We all know that a good shop design will have the good shop decoration. Only a good shop will attract more people.

The shop furniture, we use the plywood as a main material. The surface we will use the wooden color laminate. There are some stainless steel frame for the edge of the display stand. Because this type is more popular and attractive.

On the shop wall, we will arrange the some poster to decorate the wall and shop. For each display showcase, we will add the strip light to make the shop more bright and attractive.

The Design

In order to attract more customers to enter into the optical shop, we need to pay attention to the appearance of the shop. So we can do a design firstly. Our Company is that the design, production and sales are in a body. So we can help you design the shop according your needs, you can tell us what style do you like. The design will show all of your needs.  The shop design include the shop ceiling, the display stand style, shop layout, and the shop theme.

Production Details:

  • Size: 80 square meter or the size you want
  • Material: plywood
  • Finishing: wooden color laminate
  • Color: wooden color as the color you want
  • Style: Modern design
  • glass: 8mm clear tempered glass
  • hardware: stainless steel handle
  • others: Acrylic logo, light box, lock

How to Order?

  • You need to contact us to discuss your specific requirement regarding to the shop( the size, style, if you have simple floor plan will be better)
  • Our design team will do a design according your needs (A shop design will take 500 USD design deposit which is up to your shop size. But when you confirm the order, it will refund to your deposit). If you need some where need to change, you can tell me freely, we can help you modify it.
  • We will assist you to get the approval from the mall.
  • 50% as a production deposit should be sent.
  •  We produce the eyewear shop according to the approved 3d design.
  •  Quality inspection.
  •  After we have finished the shop furniture, we will take the videos and the the photo with you
  • Arrange the balance payment before shipping.

How to keep the security during the shipping?

There are 2 steps to prevent it from damage. One is for package, Another one is for buying the insurance. The package is strong and include the external packing and inner packing. For the external packing, it is made into wooden box. For the interior package, we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stand. Then using the film wrap the display stand and to fix the EPE foam. Finally, put the interior package into the wooden box with foam board, and nail the wooden box.

Abut the insurance, we will buy the insurance from the shipping company if we ship the shop furniture for you. If there are any damage, we can ask for the compensation from the shipping company.


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