Eyeglass Store cabinet with wall display wall stand to Parise

Dear friends, good day! Glad to meet you here. I guess you are looking for a store furniture for your business. Nowadays, more and more people trend to open a store to make a fortune. Because it we can decoration freely based on our own idea. And opening a store can win customers’ trust in us. Besides, Stores can display more products for customers to choose and have more storage space. If you are going to start eyeglass business, please don’t miss this eyeglass store cabinet. Let’s view more about it

Layout and decoration of the eyeglass store cabinet

We can view the eyeglass store design clearly. There are many wall amount display on the wall with with aluminum grove panel. And there are full of space for us to add brand logo and put advertising posters. The back side are wall cabinet for display showcase eyes protect products. We can install cashier counter close to the back wall. There is a long table with seats in the center, clients should try on sunglasses here. And the eyeglass wall cabinet in the left side can placement sunglasses and we can restore optical glass on the bottom. Do you like this eyeglass store cabinet design?

eyeglass display cabinet

When should we get this lovely store furniture?

Usually, the layout, color, size depends on the ideas of the owner. As for a 20 sqm store, it takes about 45 business days to production. And before production, we need to draw a new 3D design first and note all the details, such as size, color, layout, design, material, etc. in the design drawing, so that we can view every part clearly. The new design takes about 4 business days. If there are small changes, we can modify in time. So we should leave more for both modify the design better and shipping to the destination. If you have any ideas, please contact us soon. Thank you

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