Exquisite shopping mall mobile phone case display cabinet is on sale

Currently, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Many people want to protect their phone or to make it look better, they buy a case for their phone. If you’ve been thinking about opening a phone case store recently, I thought you might be interested in my introduction to the phone case kiosk below.

Description of Phone Case Kiosk

First of all, the color of this cabinet is mainly brown and black. The combination of these two colors gives a professional feel and is easy to gain the trust of customers. The material of the cabinet is MDF, acrylic, tempered glass, stainless steel. The black part is mainly MDF, which has strong water absorption and moisture absorption properties, which is beneficial to keep dry. Do high glossy baking paint on the surface of MDF, and the whole cabinet will become very smooth, bringing out the high quality of the product.
Second, there is a white display case on the front cabinet. You can put your new products and bestsellers on it. Looking further up, there is a ceiling, the main function of this ceiling is to hang the light strip. In addition, the font on the ceiling is the client’s own logo. As long as you provide us your logo or your store name, we can make it for you according to your requirements. Of course, it also has the effect of decorating the cabinet as a whole, making the entire kiosk more recognizable.
Finally, if you are interested in this mobile phone case kiosk, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with 3D design drawings to let you see the effect of the kiosk.


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