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The cell phone has updated many styles. From the past to the present, more and more people begin to like using mobile phones. There are more and more kinds of mobile phones, such as Huawei, iPhone and so on. Because different phones have finished many types and people are more and more like to update their mobile phone, so the mobile phone shop began to rise over the years. Although the ordinary mobile phone shop has a lot of, the durable and fashion shop just a little. Although ordinary furniture has a lot of, fashion and durable furniture just a little. I believe that a lot of people like to see the article you also want to start your own business with a professional design team that can design and customize your own furniture. So today I am here to introduce a fashion shop for you. I hope you can feel satisfied.

cell phon furnitureMore information about it:

Our company has made many cell shop designs and furniture before. From this picture you can see that the color is very comfortable, the write is the basic color, and we use some other colors to let it look more beautiful. what is more, we used many high-quality materials to make it. such as MDF, plywood, tempered glass, stainless steel, and also we will use acrylic to make the logo. When finished, we will make high glossy baking paint on the surface. Already have many people like this design and made it. You can see many showcases in the shop. All the showcases we can design for you according to your all requirements if you need. Not only the showcase, any other furniture if you want, we also can make it.

How to design?

We are a custom company and we have a professional design team. All the designers can let your furniture become more beautiful. Besides, they can design for you according to your all requirements and size. If you want our company to design for you, just tell us what the all furniture size you need? What you shop style you want? What color you like? We will solve all your requirements and design it according to what you need. If you have any your own opinion, you just tell us. we will try our best to let you feel satisfied.mobile phone furniture

Our price:

Our price is based on size, also the showcases should fit your shop space. we are a professional team, so the price all reasonable. And if you can not pay all prices first, you can pay a 50% deposit before production, another 50% balance before shipping. Then the payment you can use Western Union and T/T, you can choose one that you can pay for it. But you must pay the design fee first, pay it before we start our design. it is just a symbol. we will pay it back for you when we finish our design and you can pay the 50% deposit. What is more, we are not focused on the price. What you need, we also will consider them. So do not worry about it. We will give you a competitive price.

glasses showcaseOur team:

Senior designer team:

With more than 11 years of professional experience. It can efficiently pass design concepts and demonstrate customer’s different needs for products.

Professional customer service team:

We have wealth of experience as a service brand customer. We are familiar with product technology and production processes.

All in all, our company not only a company but also a factory. we can design the furniture according to your all requirements and size. if you won’t have your own business, if you do not know which company is the best choice, if you want to you can choose the right company. Choose our company is the best way. we will give you a better price and better experience than other company.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us.




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