Nowadays, beauty salon service is very popular all around the world. it including manicure, pedicure, hair cutting, eyebrow threading, teeth whitening, skin care, makeup and more. it can location in Beauty Parlor or shopping center. 

In this article, the one I wanna share is a very popular elegance white teeth whitening kiosk design for sale. it’s very hot sale in 2019. if you’re interested to start your own teeth whitening kiosk. the one will is a good choice.


More introduce about this teeth whitening kiosk.

      Size: 4000X3000mm.

     Color: white.

     Material: MDF, frosted glass, led tube.

     Design:3D max and CAD drawings.

     Service:  teeth whitening.

     Accessories: stainless steel skirting, poster.


For the teeth whitening kiosk, mainly tone is white, the basic material is MDF, the surface is baking painting finished.  whole kiosk with three round shape teeth whitening stations. two sides counter with LED tube, tempered glass, and wooden cabinet. at the left sides is a small cashier counter. the bottom is a display box with the led light strip. the right side is a counter. mainly for a small display and storage. 

At the kiosk surface with many posters and led light strip decoration. the bottom part is stainless steel skirting. at the below is wooden color wooden floor. looks very nice.

teeth whitening kiosk

For most teeth whitening kiosk, is very modern and simple. is mainly made of the wall and tempered glass. match a little display area. poster and decoration light. each single teeth whitening area is segregative. The privacy of guests can be well protected. very Comfortable experience.

Uniquekiosk is a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of the retail kiosk and display fixtures. we have done many teeth whitening kiosk before. if you’re interested to build a teeth whitening kiosk like this one, for more related information, please directly contact us. thank you! 

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