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Recent years, e-cigarette becomes more and more popular among young people. 

When you when shopping center or street, you will find more and more e-cigarette shop design opened.

This will be an inevitable trend,  e-cigarettes won’t create a lot of smoke like a traditional cigarette, better for people’s health.

And traditional cigarette when used out, you have to buy new, but e-cigarette can recycle.

when inside liquid used out, you can just change liquid is ok.

The price is much lower than the traditional cigarette.

So if you ready do new business, have no idea do what, can choose open an e-cigarette shop.


Here share you a nice e-cigarette shop design:

e-cigarette shop design

Fristly, let’s see the shop layout together. This e-cigarette shop size is 15m by 6m. Shop is not very big, but from layout you can see it is very functional.

e-cigarette shop design

When enter the vape shop, the frist eye you see will be two sofas for customers have rest. left side and right side are wall cabinets with different E-cigarettes and products for people to select. Then you will see middle have a kiosk with display showcases and cash counter.

e-cigarette shop design

e-cigarette shop design

Then enter inside, you will see a long bar counter, people can sit and have E-cigarette there. 

And on the left and right side have some Recharge tables for customers to get their e-cigarettes recharged.

The middle is an area with a sofa for VIP customers.

This e-cigarette shop design used black color as the main color, add a little orange color. 

The whole shop looks very high-end but not dull.


Do you have the interest to do an e-cigarette business?

Come here, don’t hesitate! Unique is very glad to help you with the e-cigarette shop design.

Welcome to inquiry for more details.







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