Cute style toy shop interior decoration wall display cabinet for toys

The toy shop is a fairyland for young children. Every time when go shopping, the children always stop when they see the toy shop. So the design of a toy shop is really important to attract the children. What can we do to make the toy shop more attractive is a question we need to think about.

We have many toy shop design ideas can share with you. And if you don’t know how to start a toy shop business our sales team can guide you. This is a cute style toy shop interior decoration wall display cabinet for toy design. Let us see the 3d design of it.



The color of this toy shop is a white color with pink color. It is a simple toy shop style, not a fancy design. Against the wall of the toy store is the wall display showcase with wooden display shelf. It also has the slatwall display to use the hook to display some small toy products.

It has a small cart in the front of the cashier counter. The design is lovely and on the countertop, you can display the toy. The cashier counter of the toy store is white color with a logo. On the back side of the cashier counter is a wall cabinet displaying several kinds of toys.

The second floor of this toy shop has a seating area. If the customer feels tired, they can have a rest on here. The whole shop effect is clean and comfortable.



Our company can provide a customized toy shop design for you. We can make a new toy store design with your shop size. The design includes the shop furniture design, ceiling and flooring, wall decoration etc.

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