Drinking coffee is a very entertaining thing. It is a way for many friends to relax in their spare time, so now the coffee shop has become a fashionable way of shop management. So many friends have the idea of ​​opening a coffee shop in the mall center. If there is a new design drawing in the

How much does it cost to open a coffee kiosk

Generally, a mini coffee shop needs at least 10,000 usd. The cost includes the rent of the house, coffee machine equipment and simple decoration. As for other costs, it is not included. If you want to open a coffee shop of about 40 square meters or 60 square meters, you can imagine that its funds are about About 30,000usd to 50,000usd, the decoration of the store is not a luxury decoration, just an ordinary decoration. If you want to save cost and earn money, it’s a good option to open a small cafe booth in the mall center. As for a small coffee kiosk at size 3m by 2m or 4m by 3m need less rent fee than shop. And mall kiosk also costs less and can serve for a long time.

coffee kiosk with ceiling coffee cabinet coffee stall

What is the process of opening a coffee kiosk in the mall center?

  • Rent a place in the mall center. Many mall manager want to see your own coffee kiosk design before sign off to make sure that everything works well
  • Decoration the shop follow on your idea. Find a designer to help you draw the kiosk design, which should follow on your requirements and meet the mall demand.
  • When the drawing finished, please check it twice. When you find somewhere not good enough, we can help you modify in time.
  • If you like the design, you can submit the coffee kiosk design for the mall manager for approval.
  • Finally, build the kiosk follow on the confirmed design, you can get the right kiosk you want

I am looking to discuss more details with you. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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