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Coffee drinking is becoming more and more popular. As people pay more attention to health, whether drinking coffee is healthy is often discussed. Some people say that coffee is good for health, it can prevent cardiovascular disease, and it can also fight cancer. Coffee contains certain nutrients. The nicotinic acid of coffee contains vitamin B, and roasted coffee beans have a higher content.
Coffee is good for the skin. Coffee can promote metabolic functions, activate digestive organs, and have a great effect on constipation. Taking a bath with coffee powder is a kind of warm therapy, which has the effect of losing weight. Drinking a cup of coffee after a meal also helps digestion.

This is a good coffee kiosk design, the main color is wooden color and orange color. The material we can use plywood with laminate. For the kiosk size, this one is about 3x3m. And of course, we can make a new one with the size you want.


How to work with us for the coffee drink kiosk?

At first, please contact our sales team for your requirements. We will take time to fully understand your demand.

And then, we suggest to start the 3D design to show you what it will look like. For the design, we will charge 300USD design deposit but will return to you when order the coffee kiosk.

Our designer will provide initial sketches & 3D visuals to ensure we match your needs.

If you want any changes, we will change as you like.

After confirming the final 3D design, we quote the costs and confirm all the details. The factory start to prepare the materials after we receive 50% deposit.

We will send the production pictures for you to check everything.





Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique


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