Customized hot selling food mall popcorn display kiosk

Popcorn is a must-order snack when I go to the movies. It is sweet and crisp, and it is the “mate” of the cinema. But popcorn is not only available in movie theaters. When we are not shopping, there are many small stalls on the street that also sell popcorn, which shows that this is a daily and popular food. Sometimes, popcorn is often sold together with corn, because our corn is the raw material for popcorn. In shopping malls, popcorn display kiosk is very popular. We have been working in the kiosk industry for many years and have done countless popcorn display kiosks. They come in many styles, sizes and shapes. Today, what I want to introduce to you is the popcorn kiosk in the mall.

Popcorn Display Kiosk Description

In fact, when we buy a kiosk, we will not only sell one product, we will also sell other snacks. Just like this kiosk, judging from its equipment, we can know that it can sell corn, popcorn, hot dogs, coffee, etc. To be honest, kiosk is a platform for placing machines. We can sell anything in it.

We can see its countertop is full of machines, and customers can know what they can buy here. Our main product is popcorn, so we can put our popcorn poster and our logo on the outside of kiosk. Our brand is famous, so customers will know that it is us when they look at the logo. This is also very helpful for our brand development.

This popcorn display kiosk size is 4x2m. On the short side, we can act as a cash register on one side, and our entrance and sign on the other side. The two long sides can put our machines separately, this kind of position arrangement is very reasonable and commonly used.

Popcorn Display Kiosk Material

This kiosk is made of plywood and laminate. It has 4 colors. Our color can be customized, if you want to change the color, you can tell us. Laminate is our surface treatment. Its advantage over baking varnish is that you can choose wood grain surface. Wood grain surface is also the choice of many customers, it will look more natural. The door of our kiosk is made of wood grain.

Acrylic is one of the common materials for logo making. Our logo can be made of non-luminous acrylic logo, luminous logo and 3D luminous logo. When we are designing, you can see their different effects.

The skirting of our cabinet is made of stainless steel, which can effectively prevent the base of our kiosk from infiltrating water. We all know that wood tends to soften when it is soaked in water. The base is the key to support our kiosk, so it is necessary to cover stainless steel.

Can it be used normally in our country?

Yes. We are an export company. Our customers come from all over the world. The sockets in our kiosk all use the standards of their countries, and they conform to the plugs of your electrical appliances. Since we have different voltages, we will install transformers in kiosk in addition to electricity. So it can be used normally in your country.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. The sockets, logos, and light boxes on the kiosk are all set up. Each separate cabinet is complete. When you receive the goods, you only need to put the separate cabinets together and connect the male and female plugs. We will also send you a video during production, so don’t worry.

Order Process

  1. Make a 3D kiosk design. It is for we confirm all the details and the mall approval. We need to make the kiosk accoridng to the size we get from the mall and our machine or requirements. Design fee is 300USD.
  2. When our design is approved, you need to pay a 50% kiosk deposit and we will start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  3.  When finish production, we will send you pictures or video, You can pay 50% balance payment and shipping fee(if you need we arrange the shipment. Shipping fee depends on your port and the goods volume)

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