Customized hot selling food mall popcorn display kiosk

We believe that when we go to the cinema with several friends in our space time,each of us has a cup of popcorn.

So you know what is popcorn ? Which is a puffed food made from corn,ghee,and sugar in a popcorn tastes sweet.

popcorn kiosk concept

Normally popcorn has three kind, once is corn burst, the second is rice and the third is millet.

So more and more merchants are doing popcorn business as its low cost ,less input and almost no risk.


Shenzhen Unique Custom furniture factory are mainly produce this kind of food kiosks ,W

hen you plan to open your business ,firstly you need to talk with mall about the space and its rent.

once rented that space.and then find us ,our team will help you make shop design for you confirmed ,

once you confirmed the design and then paid the deposit & make production in our factory.

after 22-25 working day and then arrange the shipping .once you get the kiosk and install it in the mall then cam run the business.

top view popcorn kiosk

Above popcorn display kiosk,its size around 10 by 10 ft ,the basic material is MDF with high gloss baking paint .

That is a square shape kiosk,it have been used reasonable as you can see on the front that is the main sales area,

popcorn display

On the left there is a small bar counter with chairs for customers resting ares .

On the right of the kiosk it is the cashier area .on the back of the kiosk where storage area.

Do you like the same design ? or if you have any new ideas of it you can feel free to contact us.


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