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Do you know how to purchase a nice design candy display counter for your shop? Here you are in the correct place. We recently make many candy store furniture designs and ship to customers from different countries. Today, I want to share a nice candy display counter with you. It’s made for a customer from Belgium. In fact, this is our third time cooperating because the owner satisfies with our service and wonderful products.

Candy display counter introduction

This candy display counter mainly uses as a storage shelf, service counter, and check-out counter. It is designed for a location 3m by 2.5m, with a left return to use. To meet the owner’s requirements and help him to find a perfume candy counter, our designer make 3 solutions to choose from

First, white body with a purple counter candy counter

This candy display counter has only behind the shelf for usage. The front size is empty white color. We can place a brand logo here to minds people.

candy display cabinetcandy shelf

Second, pink color candy counter with shelf

The pink color candy counter has a double side display shelf, each shelf has a light lamp for brilliant. Which makes the products outstanding and can attract people’s eyes’ attention. The middle area has a board for the place of the brand logo.

candy stand

Third, white and purple color with shelf

The white and purple candy counter combines the characteristics of the previous two designs. That is, it has a white double-sided display shelf with lights. The 3D luminous brand logo is also set in the middle.

candy display shelf

When the customers see these three designs, he likes them very much and told us to choose the second design to go.

Material show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Lighting: Light lamp

Logo: 3D acrylic limous logo

Kicking: Stainless steel

Produce photos show

Here is the candy counter the owner finally receive. We also add sockets and wires to meet their electronic standard for usage. If you want more details information. Please kindly send us an inquiry. We are here and ready to help.

candy counter candy stand

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