2m by 0.5m Candy Display Counter Candy Store Shelf Design to Fiji

Sweet candy store furniture plays a big role in retail candy shops. We can use it to place all kinds of candy, sell products. We recently make many candy display furniture for customers. Today, I want to share a nice candy display counter with you. It is designed and produced for a customer from Fiji. Whenever you need the candy display furniture, please hold on to your step and learn more details.

candy kiosk

Customize candy display counter

This candy display counter has a colorful surface decoration. Looks very brilliant and attractive. We use the candy display counter in front of the wall cabinet, and can also use it as a cashier counter or service counter.

candy display shelf

The backside of the candy display counter has multiple display shelves, which allow to show and store more items for sale. We add two drawers in the middle area, and at the top is an open shelf. That can use to store more candies and can also make full use of the space

Information show

Size: 2m*0.5m, it’s a very common display counter in candy stores. If your store needs a larger candy counter, just contact us and let us know sizes in advance. The candy counter can be the same size as  you need

Color: The main color is a white counter with colorful surface stickers. You can also choose a nice color you want to make the counter.

Material: MDF with baking paint is a popular material and craft. We can also use Plywood with laminate to make the candy counter, it’s up to you to use which materials. Countertop material recommends stone for strong to use and easy to clean.

Produce photos show

candy stand

The real produce photo shows how the kiosk looks like finally. And that is the one customer will receive. Our customer is widely accepted in the UK, USA, and Europe. You can even find beautiful candy store furniture in Belgium.

I am sure that you will like our products very much. No matter when you plan to open a candy store, just contact us and purchase a nice candy display stand.

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