Good morning everyone! Today I want to share with you a Crepe food cart outdoor retail cart ship to Oakland, USA to you. This customer he is from Brazil but lived in USA now. He contacted me about his ideas and want to make a food cart with his own logo. And he opened this mobile food cart with his partner from France. They already opened the food cart in the street to sell crepe.

Crepes, Hong Kong people are also known as “Ban Bang.” It is a thin pancake from France, sometimes translate as French crepes or French quiche. The most common ingredients include flour, eggs, milk, butter and a handful of salt, which mainly divided into two flavors. Sweet crepes use wheat flour, while salty crepes made from buckwheat or rye flour. It made from a crepe pan or pan fried on both sides. So his partner is the professional to make the crepes since he is from France.

Good design share with you about the crepe cart:

crepe food cartcrepe mobile cart

February 2, 2019 is the Holy Candle Festival, also known as the Candle Festival. The beginning of the Candlemas is an ancient non-religious festival that has since evolved into a traditional Christian festival. Westerners celebrate the Holy Candle Festival forty days after Christmas. Perhaps it was because of the cold weather in February, so the French had to sit around with the family and friends during the Candle Festival and enjoy the crepe customs. The hot air in the cooking stove, the warm atmosphere of the indoor chat against the cold outside. In fact, the ingredients and methods of cooking crepes are quite simple, so they are also loved by the French. The ingredients for cooking crepes require only flour, milk and eggs. Mix the batter in the right amount and put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Then you can use a pan to bake a thin crepe. In order to make the children happy, some adults throw the crepes up and roll over after baking the crepes. Then catch the crepes that fell into the pan and continue to bake, which has become a pleasure to cook crepes.

The real production pictures as following:

Real production of the crepe food cart crepe cart production picture

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