Crepe cart & stainless steel mobile food cart for sale  


The mobile food cart is very popular all around the world, it can locate in a mall or outdoor. Low investment, high return. it’s a good choice for the entrepreneur. it no need spent cost much capital . in this post what we wanna share is a style very exquisite crepe cart.


As you see this crepe cart mainly locate in outdoor or in a mall. it can for selling crepe, waffle, dessert and more. the basic material is stainless steel, the surface is baking painting finished, white man made-stone worktop. two sides with some display shelves to extension more display area. the whole cart top with a metal roof. besides, install some spotlight and lightbox on it, looks very bright and attractive. 

crepe cart

The inside part of this cart is some wooden cabinet, it mainly for storage, the bottom of the whole cart with many wheels, it’s easy to push and move the whole cart.

crepe cart


Thanks for your time and reading. Unique as a direct factory, we mainly work on customized and design different type of food cart in a mall or outdoor. if you’re interested start your own crepe cart business like this one. please direct contact us for more further info.

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