Creative Beverage Kiosk Food Booth White Style Dessert Counter for Sale

Attention, please. I will introduce a new style of food dessert kiosk for you at the moment. This is a special spicular kiosk among the mall and the same counter. Because we received much good feedback from this kiosk’s owner. Our customer said their business is very popular. We can see the brand logo is”sweet &light”.  If you also need a food kiosk, we can also design a new one for you, including your logo.  That is because we are a customized factory.

The layout display of this dessert kiosk

sweet food kiosk

After looking at the picture, we can have something known about it in mind. First of all, we can the main tone is a white color, with blue and black strip to decorate. We design a luminous light strip at the counter bottom. Second, you can also see the black letter logo and a drawing logo, which looks so beautiful. Third, there is a grey glass shed and a black rectangular advertising machine on the counter.

The introduction of this food kiosk

  • Area: includes a working area, cashier register area, storage area, washing area, entrance area,
  • Material: the basic material is plywood and baking paint. the finish is marble, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic
  • Other accessories: hardware, lock, key, socket

sweet food kiosk


This kiosk has an open vision, people can see the complete food-making process. On one hand, this can increase the food trust of customers. On the other hand, it can help you attract clients. What’s more,  you can see many machines on the countertop. When we design the kiosk, we leave a corresponding space according to the customer’s machine list.


We make a new design for every customer. Our design needs to charge a fee, after you place order, we will refund it to you. Then, we will start design, it usually costs 3-5 working days. For any design modification, we will cooperate. Our kiosk has a strict package. We use foam as an interior pack and a wooden box as an exterior pack. sweet food kiosk

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