Food Kiosk and Beverage Booth with a Unique Design for Sale

food kiosk

After looking at the food kiosk, do you like it? Or do you have some ideas about your kiosk?  We are a professional retail kiosk manufacturer in china. We mainly customize, so if you want open a business and need a kiosk, you need to send your favorite style and requirements to us kiosk

The production process of the food kiosk

First, we need to prepare material, the basic counter material is solid wood. Second, we make the counter body and then put them together. Finally, install all parts, including various accessories. We will take photos and videos for you all the production process.

food kiosk

Design layout of the food kiosk

The clapboard is made of high-grade glass, it is transparent and strong, which is not only easily broken, but convenient for your customer to see the food-making process. Under the counter, we install the strip light to decorate and use the man-made stone as a countertop material, which is easy to clean. On the counter pillar, we can see a menu lightbox. In addition, a cashier machine, a beverage machine, and a glass cabinet with a three-layer stainless box for you to place the food on the counter.

food kiosk

Importantly, on every counter, we have installed a water channel for working. On the exterior counter, we add some green grass to combine with the counter. It is the spot area of the special design. We can also add your logo to design a painting lightbox.

Other details

We can see a small wooden door, and every counter has a drawer for you to store inventory. They are all equipped with a lock and key, so it is safe to protect your item.  We are a customized factory, so every kiosk’s layout and detail are designed based on the customer’s needs.

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