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When you enter a high-end shopping center, you will found on the first floor as usually will be many cosmetic kiosks and jewelry kiosks. As we know the first floor rent as usually is the highest. The reason many Merchants choose the first floor is the first floor has the biggest human traffic. A shopping center will has many cosmetic display kiosks, then how to attract customers? Except for the products and price, the kiosk look becomes more and more important.

If your cosmetic display kiosk very attractive, many people will feel curious, wanna go to have a look.

Today I wanna share you an attractive cosmetic display kiosk:

cosmetic display kiosk

See this cosmetic display kiosk, it is 12ft by 10ft. Total used high-end black color match red logo signature. People very easily found the logo. The whole kiosk looks very high-end and nice.

Around this kiosk are many cosmetic displays. This kiosk mainly sells Lipsticks, so all these displays inside have many dividers.

cosmetic display kiosk

cosmetic display kiosk

Do you like this cosmetic display kiosk?

If you are interested in making a new cosmetic kiosk to start your new business have no idea how to start.

the below steps can help you:

1.fristly you need to discuss with mall manager find a good location

2.then you need to find a professional design team help you design your cosmetic kiosk

You can show your ideas and needs to the designer, he will help you create a cosmetic kiosk design

3. Get mall approval. As usually, the shopping mall will ask Tenant to submit profesional 3D design plan with drawing for approval

4. Then find an experienced factory make the kiosk for you


Our company is a factory make customized mall kiosks more than 10 years. We cooperated with L’Oreal, Chanel, Dior etc.

And we have a professional design team, can help you design any style kiosk you want. If you have any needs, welcome send us an inquiry ask  for more details.








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