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Are you looking for a coffee kiosk for business? The coffee kiosk is good to sell coffee, crepe, juice, bubble tea, and other kinds of drinks. This coffee kiosk is good to use both indoors and outdoors. Let’s view more details together.

Coffee kiosk design

The coffee kiosk usually has a glass cabinet, working the counter, storage cabinet, and dining table. Every coffee kiosk has a locked door to avoid equipment and items being stolen. The indoor coffee kiosk has a ceiling as a decoration and for brilliant. The roof of the outdoor coffee kiosk is for safety reasons. Mainly protect us from rainy and sunny weather.

Everyone likes a unique and attractive coffee kiosk for business. You can also add your ideas to the coffee kiosk and makes it fit for your own business. The brand logo can also change to your logo.

More coffee kiosk colors to choose from:

There are many colors to make the coffee kiosk, such as pink color with golden metal frame decoration. No matter what color you like, we can make it the same color to meet your demands. Professional designers will also create a 3D design to show the coffee kiosk effect. Here are red and black coffee kiosks for reference.

coffee stand coffee booth

More information show:

Size: 10ft by 10ft

Material: MDF with baking paint, glass, metal, light lamp, etc.

Design time: 3-5 working days

Manufacture time: 25-28 working days

Equipment: You can send us an equipment list with sizes, then we will leave enough space for them when producing coffee kiosk

Real photos show:

This coffee kiosk is very popular in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Please let us know in which country you will use this coffee kiosk. We will use wires that meet your national standards. Here is part of the coffee kiosk photos, you can view the craft directly. Whenever you need a food kiosk, just send us an inquiry.

retail coffee kiosk cafe kiosk

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