Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Design Solid Wood Cafe Booth Stand for Sale

coffee booth Coffee kiosk plays a big role in the food industry. Many people start their own business by opening a coffee kiosk and earn money. The coffee kiosk includes the top ceiling, working counter, storage cabinet, brand logo image, and light. We should also make a customize coffee shop for our business. Today, I want to share a nice coffee shop sharing with you. Let’s view more information together.

Coffee kiosk design

This coffee kiosk is fit for both indoor and outdoor malls. It has a decoration ceiling with light to increase light. We can also hang a large brand logo under the roof. That makes people see your shop easier.

coffee standWe use solid wood to make the counter body and the surface is solid wood material. Countertop uses a black stone for protection.

Front side

The front side has a counter with different levels, we can place equipment here to prepare food. So that you can tell us the size of the machine to reserve enough space for them when production.

Side view

The size counter has a glass plate on the top, which keeps customers away from working space. Another side has no counters, but for fridges with a plate to surround it. The entrance door is also set here.

coffee showcase

 Back wall

There is a large back wall to connect the ceiling. We can add wall cabinets, shelves, and stainless counters here for usage. Water sink also installs here for better usage. Menus, brand signs, and posters can also attach here to inform people and leave a deep impression on people.

Size information

This coffee kiosk covers an area of 4m by 2m. We can also customize the size according to your location size.

Color introduction

The coffee kiosk theme is wood with black color decoration. We can also choose other colors to give the coffee kiosk another effect. Black metal, solid wood, and stone make the coffee kiosk looks elegant and upscale.

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