Mobile phone store is easy to find recently. Each mobile phone store has unique decorations with different display fixtures. For a small business plan, it is a good idea to choose wall mounted shelf and display counter to start. While for large mobile phone shop furniture, we can purchase a back wall display, center counter, glass showcase, experience table, column display, etc. This time, I am ready to share a glass column display furniture with you. It is good for most retail shops.

Mobile phone store design idea

As we can see in the picture, we can see the phone glass display shelf covered the center column. It decorates the shop column, increases the showcase area, and uniquely shows products. This kind of full view display cabinet has become popular nowadays, please take it to attracts eye’s attention.

phone store design

Basic information:

Item name: Glass cell phone display cabinet

Size: 800*800*2600mm

Color: Orange, white and black

Material: MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, light strip, etc.

Cell phone design time: 3-7 workdays

Production time: 15-18 working days. (The time to produce furniture for the entire store depends on the amount of furniture.)

glass cabinet

How to order the glass cabinet

Since the shop owner determines the shelf size and color, we can check the estimated cost for confirmation. Then we will make a 3D design to show the cell phone display shelf. Customers see what furniture they will get and pay for it. The next step is to produce the goods step by step. Our design team will take a meeting to reach a good design solution. Before the design is completed and sent to you, the design department will review it again to ensure that the design is accurate.

However, most people don’t know which fixture matches well. So, they usually require design drawing first. They can arrange a phone display cabinet in the right place. Besides, we designers will also help them modify the designs better. Unique design service before order costs 500usd. (Whole store fixture includes light decoration and brand sign.) It uses as a production deposit.

How to make the cell phone display shelf?

cell phone shop design

Here is the real produce photo sharing with you. It is the real looks you receive.

We first make the wood body. So, the original wood column is what we see in this kiosk. Then, workers paint the wood frame into colors. The mobile phone display furniture in this step comes into our vision with rich colors.

Next, they fix each shelf board into the base frame. Each shelf has a light lamp on the top for brightness. And assembly glass cabinet. It has a locked door to keep products safe. Finally, we have to clean the kiosk furniture and package well for shipments.

Top questions we received

One: How much cost include shipping?

It costs about 1500usd for one set. A 30 square meters of cell phone furniture costs about 13000usd, depends on the furniture you need. Shipping freight.

Two: If you send the kiosk to Spain?

Yes, we can ship goods to Spain. We also ship goods to the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Three: And how to install the shop furniture?

The phone store furniture is complete and installed in our factory. When you receive it, just put it in the right place to use. Since it requires electronics like this glass display, please connect it to the store power supply.

Four: Is there an extra cost to get the goods?

No, we quote the price according to the furniture you need, no extra costs. If you add more furniture, you should pay for it.

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