Everyone likes a beautiful kiosk design. For consumers, the shape and style of eyebrow kiosk reflect the taste of the owner. Especially for new customers, they are more inclined to enter into stores that match their tastes. If your shop is attractive enough and you provide good products and services, they are very willing to visit your shop frequently. Today, I want to introduce a very classic eyebrow kiosk to you. It’s made for one of our customers from Adelaide, Australia. We have made many sets based on the design but in different colour and size.

How to get the black eyebrow kiosk in a fast way?

One day, this customer sent me a photo and told us that he needs that kiosk. I was shocked to see this photo because it showed the eyebrow kiosk I recently made for another client. The customer has just received the goods and started a business. I feel honoured that he can find us accurately and start orders. I shared the last design and production photos, so, he can know how to modify better. Since the client liked this design too much, he decided to keep the original design but change the colour to black. Then I sent him the invoice to make payment. In addition, my designer helps him change the colour to black and send a new construction drawing for his confirmation. So, the whole design takes about 2 business days. Do you want to view how the eyebrow kiosk looks like?

3D design pictures show

eyebrow table

It covers an area of 3.5m by 2.5m. This eyebrow threading kiosk includes 3 working table. The entrance needs to be decorated with emphasis because customers enter the shop through the entrance. And the entrance with the shape can make people impressed. On the left side of the entrance has a lightbox portrait of pedestrians displaying new eyebrow shapes, so you need to change it frequently. In the underground is a curved decoration, which makes your cabinet more stylish and full of vitality.

Cashier counter set in the entrance, which won’t affect eyebrow threading service. Clients can also pay bills convenient here. Next to it is a large waiting sofa. On the bottom has locked cabinets for storage. In addition, the water sink with mirror in the middle side. Outside the sink is a large box for advertising. There is a glass display cabinet on each side of the sink. Outside the two large walls is lightbox with stickers. Which high light the eyebrow threading kiosk. Besides, the menu face to customers, they can see your service and price. If you like kiosk-style very much, you can also use it as the basic design.

eyelash station eyebrow threading stand black eyebrow kiosk

Material show:

Usually, we will choose suitable materials to build eyebrow kiosk. Because different materials create different kiosk effort. This eyebrow kiosk uses MDF to make the kiosk body. The surface is black high glossy baking paint. Which high level your store. Other materials including 3D hollow acrylic logo, light strip, clear glass, spotlight, mirror, stainless steel, tile, etc. If you have material requirements, we should also change to meet your demands.

How long to build the unique salon kiosk?

When order confirmation, we send the detailed eyebrow kiosk design drawing to the workshop. Usually, we arrange production according to the order of customer payment. It usually takes about 22-25 business days. Including prepare material, build wooden body, painting surface and assembly everything. If you need it urgently, please let us know and quickly confirm the order and production drawings. We will help you negotiate with the workshop manager for expedited production. If you need further information, you are welcome to send us an inquiry.

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