When we go shopping in the mall, we can easily find beauty salon station. Eyes are the windows of the soul, beautiful eyes can make you more charming. If you are ready to start a business without buying, congratulations you are one step closer to success. If you care about cost, please don’t miss this customized eyebrow threading kiosk. Let’s view the details together.

Cheap & Black eyebrow threading kiosk

To save costs, this eyebrow threading kiosk has a simple design and small size. It covers an area of 3m by 2.4m. This eyebrow station has two working areas, waiting for sofa and cashier counter with locked drawers. The brand logo stands next to it let people know your service better. Posters outside each wall can better promote the new brow shape. So you can make changes regularly to attract more customers.

The main colour of this eyebrow threading kiosk is black with white working counter and drawers. The main material of the eyebrow threading kiosk is MDF with baking paints. Other materials including stainless steel, acrylic logo, lightbox, etc. Before production, it is necessary to make a new design drawing. So that you can view how your own kiosk looks like. The first drawing needs about 3 days when confirming design details. Production needs 18-22 working days. If you want to know about shipping time, please kindly let us know which port is near you.

Real picture show

mall kiosk beauty salon furniture brow bar counter From the design drawing, you can see every part clearly. And even make small changes for better usage. As for a customized eyebrow threading kiosk, you should add your own thoughts to the kiosk. So you can finally get a unique and cheap kiosk. It may become your company symbol in the future, please think twice to confirm eyebrow threading kiosk design.

The birth of eyebrow threading kiosk

We first meet the owner since she is ready to start eyebrow threading kiosk. He also shows us a picture of kiosk design she wants but wants to add her own idea to it. We are glad to help her do this job, as we are happy to see more and more people start their business. Without any hesitation, we make a deal and start design. We sorted out the requirements, she told us that the color would be white and blue, shop size is 3m by 2.4m. Need 2 eyebrow working station, reception desk and advertising area. We finish the kiosk design in 3 days and send the design for his reference.

Why the final design is black color? Maybe you will have such a question. Because our customer thinks white and blue color doesn’t look nice or look good. So she decided to change it into black color and also remove the sink near the stand. In this case, she will have more space to provide service. We help her modify the design and sent to her confirmation. She likes it very much as it looks good and matches his brand culture. So, we confirmed the order to save time and sent the kiosk earlier.

Production details:

The most important thing is a very important part. Before production, we should choose a color code to make sure it’s the correct color in your kiosk. And customer should send us the logo file, poster file, so the brand logo and lightbox poster can be the exact one as you need. It’s better to send is ai form or pdf form, which is clear even if you zoom in many times. Please rest assured to give us the rest of the work, our workers are very skilled. We will also take photos to show you every process details.

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