Due to advances in technology, family life has also improved. Many people have plans to have children, so the number of infants and toddlers is increasing. This has increased the market for maternal and infant, children’s clothing, and gift toys, which is also a business opportunity for entrepreneurship. In the children’s clothing industry, parents now compare the quality of children’s clothing. Most children wear better quality clothes. So there are many children’s clothing stores in the market. So what advantages should a children’s clothing store have?

There are some tips you can use when you open the child clothing store.

Firstly, you need to find a good place to start your business. In the mall, these are many shops to sell the children clothing. So there are more competitive. There is no doubt that it is a big opportunity to attract more customer to buy your product.

Second, you need a good shop decoration to attract people enter in your shop. The shop decoration will include the light, layout, color, floor, ceiling and so on. At that time, we need a good shop design  to help you attract the customer.

We have professional design team, can customize the shop according to your needs and requirements.


Next, I will introduce the clothing store design to you.  Then you will know how to design the clothing store.


Firstly, you need to confirm the whole color for the whole shop. The clothing store include the four color. Each color is lighter color. The store include the pink, green, white, and the wooden color. Because the color is more attractive for children. You can see the children will wear the lighter color clothing. Because many mothers like the color and buy them for their baby.

Display Stands

The display stand is really important for the whole shop. You need to display all of your product on the display stand. The display stands include many styles. The shop include the wall cabinet. The wall cabinet is made into MDF. The surface we will do the baking paint, and the veneer. In the middle of the shop, we will put some single display stands or display racks. Because it will be more attractive than others.


We all know that the logo is important for a shop or kiosk. The most obvious role of the logo is that the logo carries the brand image. The logo plays the role of external image display. At the same time, it can highly summarize the image characteristics or cultural connotation of the brand. The most important thing is to generate public association through its image and color, so as to be organically linked with the entire company.

Like this shop, you can see that his logo can be placed on the shop display cabinet. In this way, customers can see the logo anytime and anywhere.


In shops, lamps are generally installed above (ceiling or top frame structure). This can provide a wider range of lighting. In the store, the lighting provided by the basic lighting can ensure that customers can walk smoothly and clearly watch and choose clothing.

You can see that the ceiling in this shop contains a lot of lights, which will make the whole shop more attractive. As long as there is good light, the products of the shop can be better displayed.


Store layout refers to the display of business equipment, such as shelves, counters, display cabinets, etc. Only a reasonable store layout can make full use of the business area. The store layout is mainly to beautify the store environment, thereby attracting more customers.

How to Design New Shop?

You need to get the shop size, and tell us what style of the shop you want. We have professional design team, and can design new one according to your needs. If you are not clear, no worries, our designer will help you.



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