Smartphones provide a lot of convenience to life now. We no longer need to bring cash, nor do we need to go outside to buy tickets when we travel far away. We can do most of the things on the phone. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular. Almost every shopping mall has a kiosk selling mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. Their business is not worse than the store, and the mall is a very strict place. Most of the items sold inside have been checked, so we can rest assured to buy inside.

We are a professional manufacturer of a kiosk in shopping malls. We help customers design, produce and transport cabinets. So if you have a location in the mall, we can help you design and get approval from the mall. We have done a lot of kiosks for customers in many countries, so we know the basic process of shopping malls.

Design Process

This kiosk is designed according to the requirements of our customers. The size he got in the mall is 3x2m. The condition we need for design is to know the size of the customer’s mall location and the color of the kiosk. If the customer has a logo, we will also design the logo into the kiosk. When finish the design, you can check. If you want to modify something, you can tell us. Our designer will modify the design according to your idea.  After we confirm the final design, you can send the 3D design and the construction drawings to the mall, if you have any comments, you can tell us. We will help you to get the approval.

Kiosk Information

Size: 3x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Glass: Tempered glass

Others: Lightbox, LED light, stainless steel toe kick



We provide a complete kiosk. During production, we will set up wires and install light strips, glass, sockets, lightboxes, and logos. We support color customization. Before starting to paint, we will send you the color for confirmation. If there is no problem, we will start to paint. After we spray the paint, we will bake it at a high temperature and then let it sit for a while. This kiosk is basically completed.
In addition to the necessary lights and sockets, we will also install transformers. Since the voltage of each country is not used, when you receive the goods, this kiosk can be used normally.


Consider the shipment, this kiosk will divide into several parts. Next cabinet bottom with connector. Our main wire is in the cash counter. When you receiving the goods, you can put the separate cabinets together, then connect the connector between them, and connect the main wire to the mall power supply. It can work. We will also send you the install video when we finish the prodution. It is very easy.

Charge Standard

Design: The kiosk design fee is 300USD, it allows modification. We can provide all the information needed for the shopping mall audits. When we place an order, the design fee will be returned to you. So the design is free.

Kiosk price: Our kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. The above kiosk is 6500$. If you want to know your kiosk price. We suggest making a design because the exact price also depends on the final design. Or you can tell us your location size and send your favorite kiosk picture, we can give you an estimated price.

Payment term: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance payment before shipment.

Time Details

Design: About 2-3 working days

Production: 25-28 working days

Shipping: 25-40 days. (It depends on your country)

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