Cell phone accessories kiosk in mall are definitely popular business ideas for new starters. In this recently years. Smart phone consume are increasing very fast. And formed a huge users for different brand. From Samsung, To Apple. HUAWEI, Oppo etc. You can’t see anyone in the world who do not owning a cell phone now .

So cell phone accessories ,like phone covers are become very hot mall kiosk business trends. Some even franchised many different shop all over the states.  Even cell phone repair business are considered the top 5 profitable small business ideas in 2019. So if you want to start a small business in mall .Why not opening a phone accessories kiosk with repair service too.

To opening a service kiosk in mall . A high level kiosk design are necessary. Here blow are 5*3 square concept for cell phone display . With double side display shelves , You can display as much phone covers as possible. While the wooden texture color finish will soon level your kiosk image up.

Unique Kiosk have sent out our first cell phone on 2001 , Oct. Until now, we have finished over 500 different cell phone kiosk to different clients all over the world. If you want to find a reliable kiosk manufacturer will enough experience. Here you visit the right place. What’s more, We can offer the best kiosk price that you can find on internet. Contact our team now to get your cell phone store started.

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