Wearing a watch is an attitude. Watches are not just about time. Wearing a watch by a person usually means a strong sense of time and a strict style. Watching time with a watch is a sign of respect for the customer. To be more practical, successful people need to seize the opportunity and value their own time. Time is the contract agreed by both parties, punctuality represents integrity, and quickly conveys your quality among strangers.

watch kiosk manufacturerwatch kiosk manufacturer

If you want to open a  watch kiosk in the shopping mall, you should do a market survey before doing business, see who needs a watch to determine which grade you want to sell.

Determine the location of the store. If you are doing a high-end watch business, you must find a good store location and a high-end decoration to show the grade of the watch. If you are doing low-end watch business, you can find a shop near the school.

Your kiosk must have special features. There are also a lot of watch kiosks, if you want to make money, you must have special features.  Here offer you the best top 6 watch kiosk design ideas.

1. Top 1 mall used watch kiosk design.

  2. Top 2 mall used watch kiosk concept.

  3. The top 3 malls used watch display kiosk concept.

  4. Top 4  mall used watch kiosk ideas black.

  5. Top 5 mall used open watch kiosk concepts for sale.

  6. Top 6 mall used small golden watch kiosk concept ideas.

Unique Furniture Co., Ltd has a strong and professional design team, we can customize the watch kiosk all as your requirements. You just need to pay 300 USD for the design deposit, then we will send the 3 D design drawing to you after we received the money.

Some information about the watch kiosk:

  • Size: customize for you.
  • Color: any colors as you like.
  • Material: MDF with baking paint, 8 mm tempered glass.
  • Style: modern and luxury.

If you have any questions and design ideas about the watch kiosk, please feel free to contact us on E-mail:

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