From our website, you can see a lot of candy display furniture. They are rich in colors and styles, which are very attractive. If we put some furniture like this in our shop, it must be very attractive. The furniture I want to introduce today is very useful. In addition to displaying our products, it can also wrap our pillars perfectly. This is for customers who have pillars in the store. The cylindrical laminate display not only has great advantages in shape, but its display effect is also very good. So, what I want to introduce today is the cylindrical shelf stand.

Cylindrical Shelf Stand Details

We can see from the design drawing that there is a seam in the middle. Because it is composed of two parts. Since there are pillars in our customer’s store, the design of this display stand is mainly to enclose our pillars. Of course, our gap is not obvious. After we put the product on, the gap is basically invisible, so don’t worry about its effect.

It has two colors, white is a versatile color, it can be matched with any color. This staggered distribution of two colors will look more attractive. This column display stand is not equipped with lights. If we want our products to be brighter, then we can install some brighter lights on all the ceilings of the pillars. This effect is also good.

Diameter: 80cm

Height: 220cm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Production time: About 12 working days


Candy Display Shelf Production

We have our own factory, and all our orders are made by hand. So, after you place an order, you can check the production progress of the goods at any time. Because the furniture in the candy store is more complex and diverse in shape. Therefore, the materials we use are generally medium density fiberboard and baking varnish. The color rendering of the paint is very good. We also support all colors. If you have a color door you like, you can tell us and we will ask you to confirm the color and all sizes after placing the order. Then construction will begin.

Because we are not mass-produced by machines, the production time for a piece of furniture is generally about 10 working days.

We use stainless steel for the skirting, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of water and increase the life of our stand.


Our packing box is a wooden packing box, which is customized according to the size of the furniture. We are a whole box. Before packing, we will pack the furniture first. First, we will use pearl cotton to wrap the edges of the furniture, and then wrap the whole furniture with stretch film, and then put it into a wooden box with foam board, it is very safe.

How to order the candy shop furniture?

If you like this cylindrical display stand. You can send us the quantity and color you need, and you can tell us if you need to change the size. The price depends on the final design. After confirming the order, we will start production.

We support the provision of furniture and design for an entire store. If you want to buy furniture for your new store, we suggest a 3D design.

What is this furniture price?

The price of furniture mainly depends on its size, material and style. The stand price shown above is 2000USD. The number of sizes and colors have an impact on the price.

What is shipping time?

It takes about 35 days to get to US ports, about 25 days to Australia, and 30 days to European countries.

What is your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.


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