Black with Wooden Color Coffee Booth Wood Food Stall In Dubai

Drinking coffee has become an indispensable thing in people’s lives. Whether it is business, entertainment or the pursuit of fashion, it is a good way to socialize. But do you know where the first cup of coffee in the world came from?

The answer is-Dubai, different from common coffee. Arabica is made by putting coffee powder, water and spices in a small pot called Briq and Dallah, and finally using mung bean mouth, saffron, ginger, cloves and even rose water. Seasoning, a small cup, but strong flavor.


The size of this cafe kiosk is about 5x4m, use the wood material of the whole kiosk. Very strong and waterproof material. We can customize a new one as your location size. And make any colors as you like. The countertop we can use man-made stone, quartz-stone both will be good.


About assemble of the coffee booth:

You can see the whole kiosk size is big. In order to facilitate packaging and transportation, we divided the cabinet into several reasonable parts according to its structure. mark is 1,2,3,4,5……  put each counter to the wooden package. when you received the cargo. just need to open the wooden box according to the 3d design and construction plan put each part counter together. connect the electric wire. the whole coffee kiosk can work.

Before we shipping it, we also will take some photos and videos for your check. This is a good way to help you install it. You don’t need a very professional installation team. you can finish it easily and fast.

Thanks for your time and reading. For more related info about this coffee kiosk design, plz contact us here! Thanks.




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
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