Black Color Jewelry Kiosk Glass Display Showcase for Sale

jewelry kioskThe jewelry kiosk is good to express the brand theme and sell all kinds of jewelry. No matter you plan to open a new shop in the mall or use it at a jewelry show, this jewelry kiosk can help you gain clients.

Introduction of a jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk size is 4m by 4m, we can also enlarge or reduce sizes to fit your location. The main color is black, creating an upscale shop feeling. We use plywood as the basic material to build the jewelry kiosk. Matte laminate finishes highlight the products well. However, we can also use MDF with baking paint to build the jewelry kiosk. The golden metal brand name is on a white background.

jewelry cabinet

Reception counter

We can see there is a large display counter in the front. It is mainly used for reception clients can also for checking bills. Behind has cabinets and drawers for storage.

Glass display showcase

The glass display surrounds the kiosk, it has a golden metal brand sign on the counter body. The top has a tempered glass showcase to better show and protects products. Lighting lamps can set surround the glass showcase to increase the shine of jewelry.

Corner shelving

There are square display shelving cabinets on four corners. It has a black base with a brand sign and the top has multiple glass shelving. We can add ceiling light to increase brightness. We can also add flooring light at the bottom, which can attract people’s attention.

In the middle of the entrance is a large brand logo wall. It makes poeple remember you well and can also show your professionalism to every customer. If you have any new ideas about jewelry kiosk decoration, just contact us here.

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