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jewelry shop booth

Do you plan to open a jewelry kiosk in the shopping center? With the fast development of society, jewelry kiosks are usually set on the first flooring of the mall. Because the clients can see your shop when they enter the shop, it can help you bring business and gain more clients. If you want a unique jewelry kiosk, don’t miss this design.

Description of a jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk has metal decoration, that high levels the shop theme and can reflect the products well. The main color is black with golden decoration. White brand wall and desktop attract eyes attention. The size is 4m by 3m, we can also make it according to your location size.

jewelry cabinetInformation description

As we can see in the design, there are glass display counters on two sides. It has a brand sign with a light on the front with light surrounding it. Stainless steel decorates the counters. The lighting was installed on the top of the glass showcase. There is an individual jewelry display at 4 corners, it has metal legs to support the kiosk. You can also fulfill the length with this kind of stand. Because it is good to main display the jewelry.

  jewelry kioskBrand sign

There is a tall panel stand in the middle of the backside, decorated with a metal frame. The middle area has display shelving on one side and another side TV players. Brand name and logo can add here to make people know you better.

Flooring is the same important as a kiosk, as it is part of your shop. So please don’t forget to choose a floor that matches your jewelry kiosk. If you need any help with mall kiosk design, just contact us.

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