Black and Wooden Color Donut Kiosk Design in New Zealand

street kiosk cabinetDo you like donuts? Donuts kiosks are very popular among people. It’s a great idea to open a donut kiosk in the outside mall. Because you can serve more clients and earn money. Here is a nice donut kiosk sharing with you, it’s designed for a client from New Zealand.

How do make kiosks fit for business?

Businesses begin with the inquiry. Our client plan to open a shop in the outside mall. The size is 3m by 2m, which is good for delivery by shipping container. He selects a favorite kiosk as the basic design, then chooses wooden and black to decorate the food kiosk. The most important is to add a water sink with a water system for usage and add machines for work.

street food shopOutdoor kiosk introduction

According to the client’s requirements, these donuts open on 3 sides. The front has a cashier counter in the middle and brand signage on the body. While the right corner has a glass display cabinet to show donuts for sale. We can see another side has a water sink and machines on the countertop. It has a glass plate to separate clients from the working area. That can also protect poeple well.

The back wall has 4 lightbox paintings in total, you can also add a menu here to guide people to order. Under the light box painting is floating shelving for usage. Equipment along with gas cylinders are set here for convenient usage.

donuts kiosk

Advertising area

We can see there are 4 round lightbox paintings on the backside that facing to the public. Consumbers can understand your business well from distance. It can also as wall decoration


Lighting is very important for outdoor kiosks. Because it is brilliant when working. It will also glow at night when we turn on the lights.

If you plan to open a food business outdoors, just contact us. We can also make a unique food kiosk design based on your idea

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