Big optical store design with frame display furniture for sale

There are more and more optical and sunglasses stores now. Because with the rapid development of science and technology, we cannot live without mobile phones and computers in our daily life. And this leads to the loss of our vision. So not only the students, but also many office worker, designer, engineer and so on. In fact, the cost of open a optical shop is not too high but can get a big profit. The most important is the interior store design and display showcase.

Optical store display showcase design

This is a big size optical shop, the size is about 80 to 100 square meters. It has many wall display showcase with wooden color and white color. Each layers of the optical display cabinet all install the white color led strip light. The white color led strip light can light up the products. On the top of the wall it has some optical shape decoration. Meanwhile, on the top of the white color display stand we have the small lighted box can put some pictures inside for advertising. We can add your logo on it or the brand of the optical, so that the customer can know more about your products. In the middle of the optical shop, it has some optical display stand with acrylic display shelves.


This is the area for the sunglasses. Usually, the optical shop sell optical and sunglasses. But the sunglasses always a small part of total. The design of the sunglasses display showcase combine wooden color and white color. It is very modern and high end sunglasses store display furniture style. For the material of the optical display showcase, we can use veneer with varnish for the wooden color and baking paint for the white color. The basic material of them all MDF.



The advantage of the veneer

Environmental protection- It is a natural product made from renewable resources. Therefore, it is one of the most environmentally friendly decorative products available to consumers.

Strength- When the veneer is applied to the substrate, it can actually increase the strength of the product. And the stress of temperature and extreme humidity may crack or expand the solid wood. Meanwhile, the veneer is strong enough to withstand these conditions easily.

Efficiency- Since the veneer is not cut from the log but cut into very thin slices. The wood will not be wasted as wood chips, and the manufacturer can obtain the maximum utilization or available products from a piece of wood.

Beautiful- Each veneer is original, because the texture pattern of any two trees will not be exactly the same. Choose veneer, you will truly get a beautiful and unique product.

3D floor plan of the optical shop

 This is the floor plan of the whole optical shop design. Our design team can make the whole 3d design for you with all the detailed information. For the store design, we will charge a 500-800USD design deposit. This depend on your shop size. But it will deduct from the total amount of the whole shop project. So if you want a professional design service, we are the best choice for you.

You may want to know how can you get the display furniture right? We do export and we will ship the display furniture to you by sea. Our factory will make everything include the lights, electricity and pack them inside the wooden box. When you receive the display showcase, you just need to put them to your shop. If the store furniture have the lights, you can connect the wires to your shop power supply, then it can work directly.

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