Colorful Optical Stand Eyewear Shop Design in Copenhagen, Denmark

eyewear shelves

The eyewear business is a very profitable industry. If you want to work in the eyeglass industry, now is a very good opportunity. Today, I want to share nice optical shop furniture with you. This eyewear shop includes wall shelves, center display cabinets, display stands, slat wall display, working counter, and locked cabinets. Let’s learn more information now.

Colorful eyewear shop design

The main color of the eyewear shop is white, and natural wood. They are the most popular shades at the moment. It can be used to make mobile phone cabinets, food cabinets, jewelry cabinets, cosmetics cabinets, beauty cabinets, glasses cabinets, watch cabinets, hair salons, etc. The dark blue color on the wall and floor catch the eye’s attention. The brand letters on the wall create a messy beauty, but we do not recommend bare wires, and there are better choices for the logo. More logo options

Optical shop furnitureLayout introduction:

As we can see in the picture, this glasses shop has both a display area, an optometry room, and an optician room. The optometry room and the optician room are set in the back, and it is easy to enter from the corner stairs.

What we need to pay attention to is the decoration and display of the showroom, because this is where customers choose glasses styles. There is a wood counter in front of the window to show the hot sales and attractive eyewear, posters can also put here to show people pass by.

We can see that the optical shop in the middle also has a wooden counter, which makes our shop looking full and can make good use of the space.

The back wall has wall shelves to show eyeglasses in a good way. In front of it is a service counter with a glass door. Advertising posters decoration show samples of eyeglasses effect. In addition, clients can try to choose a suitable one, as there is a large mirror on the back wall.

eyeglass store fixture

Material show:

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Natural wood panel, blue laminate, wood veneer, etc.

Glass: Tempered glass to make shelves

LOGO: Neno logo, acrylic logo, 3D luminous logo, stainless steel logo, etc.

Other materials: Mirror, light strip, metal frame, stainless steel kicking, spotlight, etc.

optical stand How to get optical shop furniture?

Before opening an optical shop, the most important thing is to decorates the empty store as you want. From layout to color, everything can makes the shop a unique effect. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a special glasses shop.

First, make a floor plan to show your needs. The floor plan can help the designer understand you well.

Second, pay the design fee of 600usd-1000usd. It depends on the shop size. Usually, an eyeglasses store design takes about 5 working days. When you own a big shop, it needs more time.

Third, check the eyewear shop design and details. The design is based on your special requirements, but the designer will add more elements to make them more reasonable and convenient to use.

Fifth, confirm the design as the final drawing. The production follows the confirmed design to make sure you get the correct furniture.

eyewear counter

More information:

The wood body and eyewear stand are completed made in our factory. So when you receive the goods, you can put them in the right location and use them.

All the furniture and counter are clean before packing. And we will also note numbers to show what is included. If you don’t know how to assemble, we will also make an installation guide to show you. Please don’t worry.


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