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The scarf can as a gift for friends and family. It can bring us warmth in winter and also can as accessories. If you want to make a kiosk to sell scarfs in the shopping mall, we can customize a new one for you. Today we want to introduce a scarf retail kiosk to you. Hope you can get some ideas from this introduction.



This scarf mall kiosk we customize with the size according to the customer’s need. One day, we got an inquiry from a UK customer. The customer wants to make a small retail kiosk in the shopping mall to sell scarfs and ask us for help. The customer communicated with the shopping mall management and got a location size is 4x4m. So we designed this scarf kiosk with this size and the material is MDF with baking paint.


The two sides of the scarf kiosk and the back wall are for the display area. For the display area, we use the shelf display and round tube display. On the back side wall has a big mirror can for the customer to try on and see the effect. And the middle counter can also for display and cashier desk. On the outside surface of the scarf kiosk, we make the logo and poster for decoration and advertising.



Our company has our own design team. So usually the first step of the project is to make a customize kiosk design. This step is very important and necessary. Because the 3d design can show us the whole effect from different angles. For a customize 3d design charge a 300$ design deposit. It will be deduct from the total cost when you order a scarf kiosk from us.

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